We have had reports of cyber criminals imitating court telephone numbers (“spoofing”) and demanding that citizens pay money for fines or fees in cases involving relatives. These calls are not valid. New Mexico Courts will never call citizens to ask for payments of any kind.

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Orders of Protection

In New Mexico, a victim of domestic abuse may petition the court under the Family Violence Protection Act for an order of protection.

Domestic abuse:

(1)  means an incident of stalking or sexual assault whether committed by a household member or not;

(2)  means an incident by a household member against another household member consisting of or resulting in:

(a) physical harm;

(b) severe emotional distress;

(c)  bodily injury or assault;

(d) a threat causing imminent fear of bodily injury by any household member;

(e) criminal trespass;

(f)  criminal damage to property;

(g) repeatedly driving by a residence or work place;

(h) telephone harassment;

(i)   harassment;

(j)   strangulation;

(k)  suffocation; or

(l)   harm or threatened harm to children as set forth in this paragraph; and

(3) does not mean the use of force in self-defense or the defense of another.

Household member means a spouse, former spouse, parent, present or former stepparent, present or former parent-in-law, grandparent, grandparent-in-law, child, stepchild, grandchild, co-parent of a child or a person with whom the petitioner has had a continuing personal relationship.  Cohabitation is not necessary to be deemed a household member.